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Scriptural Financial Freedom Obtaining God's Blessing






Owner of credit cards, or owner of debt?

Credit Cards in perspective

The Amercian culture says credit is an important part of your financial identity. The more credit cards you have, the better your lifestyle. Anything is within your grasp as long as you can flash out your credit cards. Is there a flaw with that view?

Pick up any newspaper today and you'll read about the failure of a major financial institution, crushed under the burden of debt. Yet the Bible doesn't say that debt is a sin nor does it say credit cards are tools of the enemy. The Bible does say that not repaying your debt is a sin.

Think about the last major purchases that you made - a car, furnitures, or some electronic applicance. Maybe a notebook. Did you use credit cards to pay for them? Were they made with installments? What were the reasons you bought them.

Now open your wallet or purse and remove all your credit cards that you have with you. Lay them out before you and think through how much you owe on each card. Add it all up. Without considering your housing loan or auto loan, ask yourself about your debt situation. Have you been wise in using your credit cards?

If not, well, the past is history - you can't undo those decisions. You may be able to correct some of them. But what you can do is start following the financial principles laid out in Scriptual Financial Freedom today.


Today's Bottom Line

Commit yourself to avoiding a consumptive lifestyle, and submitting your credit cards to the Lordship of Christ.

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