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Scriptural Financial Freedom Obtaining God's blessings







Beyond the Global Financial Crisis


Around the globe, stock markets have crashed, large financial giants have collapsed. The lucky few have been nationalised. Even some economies hang on the brink of collapse. What next? How does a global financial meltdown affect us? Are things going to get worst? Or are they going to get better? Some have even asked: "Is this the end?"

Well, not exactly. To understand what's happening around the world, we need to grasp the concept of birth pangs. The financial crisis may ease, growth will take place once again, but the following financial crisises will be longer, more intense, more painful - just like birth pangs. About ten years ago in 1997, there was the Asian Financial Crisis. In the 1980s, there was double digit inflation. In fact, you can trace the ups and downs of the global economy throughout the ages. The collapse of the German Deutsche Mark. The Black Monday. The Great Depression.

In any case, financial planning must take place under God's sovereignty. The Bible teaches us to plan for any economic situation. The Scriptural principles that are found in Scriptural Financial Freedom are financially and Biblically sound, no matter what takes place in the economy. God has called every Christian to a unique role in our uncertain economy - to be financially free. For that, we must apply those Biblical principles.


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