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5 Keys to Financial Success

Money borrowed today has to be repaid tomorrow - with interest, of course. With debt, you will have reduced freedom in the future. Opportunities may knock, but you won't have the freedom to take advantange.

Here are five keys to financial success:

1. Understand the scriptural principles. Your involvement in this series show you've made a commitment to know His will for your financial life.

2. Adopt a non-consumptive lifestyle. Live simply, frugally. Make saving a priority to enable you to reach the financial goals He sets before you.

3. Avoid the use of debt. As we've seen, nothing is more destructive to your financial health than debt.

4. Keep your liquidity high. As we'll see in Session 4 (of the DVD), a wise investor follows a step-by-step strategy. The first steps involve making sure you have adequate emergency funds (liquid assets) you can use quickly.

5. Set long-term goals. In our next session we'll learn how to set goals that are achievable. Because if you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time.

Action Item:

Look again at those five keys listed above. Put a checkmark beside the ones you feel you are currently following. Are you satisfied with the number of checkmarks?

Calculate your loan interest as well as your compounding interest with our calculators.

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