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Learn to live frugally

It's common these days to seek the trappings of success - a high-priced watch, a snazzy sports car, an elegant home - without being able to afford it.

Our society has bankrupted itself by recklessly pursuing wealth on the dangerous road of credit. We buy certain material possessions to make a statement - which, unfortunately, is usually a lie.

That may be hard for the world to understand, but we know it's true.


Action Item:

You can reduce your lifestyle expenses. For instance, make sure you've establish a realistic budget, then follow it. Finally, make yourself accountable to someone spiritually mature to avoid impulse purchases. none of these steps is easy, but you'll discover how beneficial they are for yourself. As soon as you begin to follow them.

Today's Bottom Line

We can reduce our lifestyle expenses by committing to live more simply and trusting Him for our needs.

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